January 12, 2022

Brocoders 2021 Year in Review

Yulya Glamazdina

Marketing Manager

4 minutes

Dear reader, once you view this, you are likely to be interested in how things are going in our team. We are glad to share it with you since it is the same as telling you about one big family.

Let's start with the most important news: our team keeps growing!

A Big Augmentation To Our Team

The champion of growth is the development department! It received the biggest reinforcement: twelve new specialists joined the team, with nine back-end and three front-end engineers. We feel lucky now to have such an increase.

BC-Review 2021-01.png

Previously, it was a challenge to ensure more and more developers for each incoming request while we needed them on the ongoing projects. We figured it out and prepared ourselves to meet more demand by this moment!

The quality assurance team and marketing department have increased too. They have four new people joining their division. We are so happy that they came to our crew to help us leverage our efficiency and bring more value to the customers. During the last year, we have taken over fifty performance reviews for the current projects, and this is done due to the commitment of our quality assurance team.

The enlargement spanned many other departments. We got a new project manager, DevOps engineer, lead generation manager and financial specialist. We reached this growth due to the commitment of the human resources department, which has also added one more specialist! Overall, our team counts over 80 people.

Our New Software Projects

A bit of information on our recent projects. This year, we partnered with five new companies that trusted us to develop their software products. Their projects are highly-perspective ventures in various industries, like musicians promotion, EduTech, digital marketing, and business gamification tools.

How do we get new inquiries on project development? Well, that's a piece of work produced by the marketing department. To satisfy your curiosity, we may open up the door to their kitchen room. The key to that is client reviews on Clutch. Last year we received nine write-ups with the highest grades! It heightened our reputation on the platform and encouraged us a lot. Monthly Newsletters and PR Each time we take on a new client's project, we share it with the entire team in our Slack channel. We let our team know about that within monthly newsletters. Apart from that, we also outline the technologies we used, case studies, activities and some changes in the personnel. Ultimately, we released ten monthly updates for our team.

Except for that, our marketing department initiated a series of videos dedicated to the company's life. They captured the main atmosphere from our work and entertainment. When we watched the first episodes, we realized that we got our own TV channel. The videos are made so professionally by our PR manager, who used to work as an editor at a regional news studio.

BC-Review 2021-03.png

The main events we took part in were the Career Day and UP2IT Conference. We appreciate the organizers for giving us a chance to participate in their venues. It is very beneficial to be presented there since it helps us to get more professional contacts in IT.

Education and Learning Programmes

Besides participation in tech talk events, Brocoders conducted a big number of side activities. For instance, we sponsored English learning classes in our company. Anyone who wants to improve their language skills could join the group matching their level. Overall, our English teacher conducted over 300 classes last year.

Our coworkers love interacting with each other, playing various desktop games and quizzes. It is hard to come up with any kind of game that we have never tried at Brocoders. More to it, we moved further and implemented online quizzes. We create many contests based on the Adact web app. This is one of our latest projects that we developed and found to be suitable for making office life happier :-)

With that said, the workers of our company constantly improve their proficiency level. Quality assurance specialists finished three courses to level up their skills. A pretty large group of project managers (6 persons) attended a course on business analyses and learned about the best practices in this area.

Social Activity and Responsibility

What's the point of doing business without helping those in need? It became our tradition to collect money and donate it to a local orphanage. This year we gathered 7600 UAH and bought required equipment for this institution.

In spring we planted small trees and bushes in front of our office. Despite the summer being very hot, they survived. We look forward to seeing them green and flourishing in spring!

BC-Review 2021-02.png

Now is the time to talk about the most significant events. We share the joy of our colleagues and couldn't help but say kind words about it. Our teammate celebrated a wedding, and we greeted his family on the ceremony day. And three other coworkers experienced happy moments too: they gave birth to three children!

We will remember 2021 due to plenty of outdoor activities. Some of our mates enjoy swimming in kayaks, and we arrange those trips every summer. Last year we had a journey that took us a few days. Amazingly, our fleet counted twelve boats. Quite a symbolic figure, wasn't it? :-)

BC-Review 2021-04.png

Sports and health care

Along with that, we extended the number of sports activities. Besides our usual workouts on volleyball and stretching, we added CrossFit training. Fitness and sports games help us to stay healthy and happier.

Meanwhile, we didn't avoid the threat because of the COVID pandemic. We kept track of the health situation and provided the facilities for vaccination of our personnel and their nearest. 127 workers and their family members got vaccinated in the summer. We were delighted to tell you about the most important events that occurred in our big family, the Brocoders.

Goodbye, 2021. Welcome, 2021.

May this New Year be an unforgettable time in your life, full of positive changes and desired results!

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